Frequently Asked Questions For Wedding Photography

Can I See Images From My Wedding And Reception Venues?

  • Yes! Use the search box below to search my blog for wedding venues, reception venues, vendors, engagement locations, and more.

Do You Have A Particular Photography Style?

  • Yes!  I create sophisticated, modern, and creative wedding photography that captures all the events of your wedding day while creating special moments and traditional portraits.  Candid photos are the most sincere, and I work really hard to capture the most creative candid images possible.  I may give simple directions to create the most aesthetically pleasing images while maintaining the genuine emotion of the moment.

Do You Have A Fun Personality?

  • Yes! I am professional, but I do enjoy keeping the day light and fun.  I often ease the bride's stress by telling funny stories or suggesting fun images to try.

Will You Be Photographing My Wedding Day?

Do You Photograph More Than One Wedding Per Day?

  • No!  On wedding days, I do not book any other sessions. Your wedding day is solely devoted to you!  I believe I stay fresh and energetic for your event by only booking your event on that day.

Are You A Natural Light Photographer?

  • No!  I combine various types of off-camera, natural, and artificial lighting to create the most dynamic, pleasing, and creative wedding images possible.

Have You Ever Photographed At My Wedding And Reception Venues?

Do You Use Professional Photography Equipment?

  • Yes!  I use professional cameras, flashes, lenses, studio lights, and more!

    Should I Do A Special First Look?

    • Yes!  It is your decision, but from my vast wedding photography experience, couples who do a special first look are more relaxed and get to spend more time together on their wedding day.

    Will The Group Photos Be Boring And Time-Consuming?

    • No!  I work quickly, and I infuse humor into these photos.  People who will be photographed should be at the photo location early and to be ready at the specified time.

      Will I Own My Images And Copyright?

      • Yes!  The contract states that you and Kevin Lush Photography own the rights to the engagement and wedding images. You are permitted to use them digitally and in print.

        Do You Backup My Images?

        • Yes! Images are backed up on site, and several off-site backups are made after your event.

          Are Digital Images Included In Your Packages?

          Will I Have To Wait Long To Get My Images?

          • No!  I have always and will always deliver your images within 3 weeks of your wedding day.  Engagement session images will be delivered within 48 hours.

          Can I See A Full Wedding Gallery From The Past?

          • Yes!  Please email me, and  I'd be happy to send you a complete wedding photography gallery. 

            Do You Edit All Of Our Photographs?

            • Yes!  I make sure that all of your wedding images look authentic to your day.  I work very hard to take create images correctly in camera thus requiring less post-processing work.  For the images that do require post-processing, you won't be able to tell them apart from the rest!

            Do I Get Every Image You Shoot?

            • No!  Before you receive your images, I will have gone through every image multiple times to remove duplicate images, images that may contain odd facial expressions, blinking, and more.  Typically, you will receive a large number of images, and those will be the highest quality images of your wedding day. 

            Do You Have A Preferred Number Of Hours I Should Book For My Wedding?

            • Yes!  Most brides and grooms choose the 8-hour package because it provides enough time to cover all wedding events, family photos, and bridal portraits.

            Are You Available To Photograph My Destination Wedding?

            • Yes!  Please contact me to discuss your destination wedding, as every wedding is different.  To date, I have photographed weddings in Palm Springs, California and Washington D.C. (in addition to Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia)

            Are My Wedding And Engagement Photos Posted To An Online Gallery?

            • Yes!   All full resolution engagement and wedding images are delivered via an online gallery and are able to be downloaded or shared immediately.   Images stay online for at least 90 days.

            Do My Images Contain Watermarks Or Logos?

            • No!  Since starting my photography business in 2007, I have refused to watermark any of my images.

            Do You Have Liability Insurance And A Business License?

            • Yes!  I have liability insurance and a business license from the State of Ohio.

            Do You Charge Sales Tax In The State Of Ohio?

            • Yes"The production of still photographs or prints, motion pictures, the developing of negatives, or the mounting of transparencies in frames to create slides, for a consideration, are sales. Unless the sale is otherwise exempted by law, the entire charge is subject to the sales tax without any deduction on account of the cost of property sold, cost of materials used, labor or service cost, or any other expense." - State of Ohio Department of Taxation