Cincinnati And Dayton Wedding Photographer Questions To Ask

Dayton and Cincinnati wedding photography questions to ask your wedding photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

Use These Questions To Help Find Your Dream Dayton And Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

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Why do you list your wedding photography prices?

  • I believe that showing all prices and details up front is the honest thing to do. There is no hard selling and no hidden pricing.  I respect you and your time. Many photographers in Dayton Ohio and Cincinnati Ohio hide their prices in an attempt to hard sell each bride and groom.  This is an age old marketing tactic that I don't believe in.

Why are your prices so low when your quality is so high?

  • I keep my wedding photography prices relatively low because I have low overhead costs and do not rely on weddings for my main source of income.  I love being a Cincinnati wedding photographer and Dayton wedding photographer, and I don't charge an outrageous amount to my brides and grooms.

Do you backup your images?

  • Yes! Images are backed up on site, and several off-site backups are made after the event.  Many Dayton wedding photographers do not mention backups on their websites.  If you choose another photographer, please make sure they are backing up your images.

Do you have one or two photographers?

  • Every bride and groom gets Kevin Lush's talent and expertise.  There is usually no need for a second photographer, and Kevin Lush Photography has a reputation for capturing every wedding day moment! I am consistently one of the best Dayton wedding photographers.

Are digital images included in your packages?

  • Yes! Every package since the day I started my business in 2007 has included, free of charge, every image for every bride and groom!  Every Dayton wedding photography client and my Cincinnati wedding photography client has received every edited image, every time.  Your Photos.  Your Freedom.

Can guests take photos at my wedding?

  • Yes!  As I am the photographer of record for your event, I will ensure that I get all of my images first.  If time permits, others may take photos around me. I will never ask or tell people they are not permitted to take photos. It is YOUR wedding, not mine.

How long does it take to get my images?

  • I have always and will always deliver your images within 3 weeks of your wedding day.  For engagement sessions, I guarantee the images will be delivered within 48 hours.  It is so important that it is a clause in my contract.

Can I see a full wedding gallery from a past client?

  • Yes!  Should you wish to see an entire wedding gallery from the getting ready stage through the end of the reception, please email me.  I'd be happy to send, for your review, a previous Dayton wedding photography complete gallery.

Do you charge sales tax for the state of Ohio?

  • Yes.  It is required by law in the state of Ohio.  "The production of still photographs or prints, motion pictures, the developing of negatives, or the mounting of transparencies in frames to create slides, for a consideration, are sales. Unless the sale is otherwise exempted by law, the entire charge is subject to the sales tax
    without any deduction on account of the cost of property sold, cost of
    materials used, labor or service cost, or any other expense." - State of Ohio Department of Taxation

Do you use professional camera equipment?

  • Yes!  I use professional Nikon cameras, flashes and lenses. I also love my Tamron 70-200 lens for getting great up close shots without interrupting the subject.  I also use professional studio lights, memory cards and more.

Do you photograph more than one wedding per day?

  • No!  On wedding days, I do not take any other sessions. Your wedding day is solely devoted to you!  Many Dayton wedding photographers may book multiple sessions in a day, but I believe I stay fresh and energetic for your event by only booking your event on that day.

Should I do a first look instead of waiting to see my bride/groom?

  • Yes!  It is your decision as to when you see each other. From my vast wedding photography experience, couples who do a special first look are more relaxed and get to spend more time together on their wedding day.

How long do you keep backups of my Cincinnati wedding or Dayton wedding?

  • I keep your images for a minimum of one year.  Please remember it is your responsibility to make backups of your own wedding images once they are delivered to you.  I can give you tips for this if you ask!