What Is An Engagement Session Or Engagement Shoot

An engagement shoot is a hour-long on-location portrait session designed to celebrate your recent engagement. You can choose a meaningful location or one of the numerous Dayton or Cincinnati engagement photo locations shown below! Engagement photos are returned to you within two days for your use as centerpieces, save the date cards, guest books, social media announcements, and whatever else you can think of. Ready to get started? Contact me to schedule your engagement photoshoot!

As a professional engagement photographer, I believe it is important for you to be comfortable with me! The best way is to take advantage of the complimentary engagement session included in every all-inclusive wedding photography package. I want you to feel relaxed and comfortable with me, to build a rapport,  and to get excited about your upcoming wedding photography experience. Check out all of my engagement photography blog posts here or book your wedding now to get your free engagement session from one of the best engagement photographers in Ohio!

Engagement Shoot Planning Tips To Get The Best Photos

I am invested in you, your engagement session, and your wedding.  Providing engagement session planning tips ensures I can exceed expectations with beautiful and candid engagement images.  These are my professional suggestions to make your session enjoyable and as beautiful as possible.

  • Clothing Choices: Coordinate outfits without matching one another.  Wear colorful outfits that make you feel comfortable while avoiding too much white or black.  Multiple outfits are ok but most locations don't have a place to change.

  • Surroundings: Make sure you outfits compliment the location. Bright colors, for example, don’t blend well with fall foliage.

  • Shoes: If you wear uncomfortable shoes, bring other shoes for walking between locations.

  • Time Of Day: You will get the most pleasing images before 9:30am and after 6:30pm.

  • Location: Choose a location that is meaningful to you or look below for suggestions. I am happy to answer questions and to make recommendations.

  • Hair And Makeup: Having your hair and makeup professionally done prior to the session will ensure best results, although this is not always possible.

  • Be On Time: You have a one-hour time slot, so showing up late will reduce the number of images I create. Please text or call if you are running late.  I am always early, so also call or text if you arrive early.

  • Props And Pets: I am always in favor of using props and pets during your engagement session.

  • Don't Worry: Most couples have little to no experience being in front of a camera.  I will work with you to create the most pleasing and natural engagement photos that capture your personalities.  I keep the engagement session fun and casual so as to keep you relaxed and smiling.

  • Ideas: Many brides have ideas about the types of engagement photos they want, and that always excites me.  Send me a Pinterest board if you have collected ideas for your engagement session, or email me your ideas.

  • Timing: Session usually last one hour but may be a little less from time to time.

Engagement Session Frequently Asked Questions

  • When Can We View Our Engagement Pictures? All engagement photos are delivered in a high-quality online gallery within two day of your engagement session!

  • How Many Images Do I Get From My Engagement Session? Typically you receive 50-70 images that you can use for center pieces, guest books, save the dates, decorations, or anything else you can envision!

  • When Should We Schedule Our Engagement Session? You can schedule your shoot anytime between when you book me and a month before your wedding day.

  • Do You Have A Favorite Engagement Photoshoot Location? Yes! The Oregon District is my favorite location due to historic buildings, brick streets, eclectic architecture, and vibrant colors.

  • What Happens If It Rains? In the days leading up to your session, we will be in contact regarding the weather, and you can cancel up to 30 minutes prior to your time!

  • Can We Use A Location You Haven’t Been To Before? The locations below are just some of the engagement session locations in Dayton and Cincinnati. I am always looking for new and exciting locations to capture engagement photos.

  • What Happens If I Am Late To My Engagement Photoshoot? Often I am on a strict schedule, so we will do your session with whatever time remains in your scheduled hour.

Standalone Cost

A standalone engagement session (without booking a wedding) starts at $350 + tax.

Cincinnati Engagements

* There is a $150 one time fee for Cincinnati engagement sessions due to additional time requirements

How To Pick The Best Engagement Shoot Locations In Dayton

Downtown Dayton


Oregon District

  • Brick Streets

  • Colorful

  • Alleys

  • Historic Homes

  • Eclectic Buildings

  • Why To Choose Oregon District: Historic buildings, brick streets and a huge number of backgrounds make this one of my top engagement locations.

  • Why Not To Choose Oregon District: There is a lot of vehicle and foot traffic that can interfere with engagement photo shoots.

  • Urban

  • Bricks

  • Graffiti

  • Trains

  • Downtown Views

  • Why To Choose 2nd Street Market MetroPark: Brick streets, revitalized industrial building, trains and more make this a fantastic urban engagement session location.

  • Why Not To Choose 2nd Street Market MetroPark: This is a man-made environment and not good nature-based portraits.

  • Trees

  • Pond

  • Waterfall

  • Trails

  • Wildflowers

  • Why To Choose Hills & Dales MetroPark: This park features a small pond, wooden pergola, and beautiful fall foliage.

  • Why Not To Choose Hills & Dales MetroPark: It is quite dark in the wooded areas, and there isn’t a lot of room to move when others are in the park.

  • Trees

  • Barns

  • Fields

  • Wildflowers

  • Large Lake With Boardwalk

  • Why To Choose Carriage Hill MetroPark: The lake with the nature-surrounded boardwalk makes this a very unique location.

  • Why Not To Choose Carriage Hill MetroPark: Limited evening hours may make this park challenging for an engagement session.

  • Rivers

  • Trees

  • Foot Bridge

  • Colorful

  • Downtown Views

  • Why To Choose RiverScape MetroPark: Having the Dayton skyline, Fifth/Third Field and Great Miami River as backdrops make this a great engagement photo location in Dayton.

  • Why Not To Choose RiverScape MetroPark: There is very little shade at this park, so sunny days can be hot with harsh sunlight.

  • Waterfalls

  • Pond

  • Fall Foliage

  • Wildflowers

  • Open Fields

  • Why To Choose Charleston Falls Preserve: The large waterfall and scenic pond make this a unique engagement photo location in the Dayton area.

  • Why Not To Choose Charleston Falls Preserve: It is a 1/2-mile hike to the falls and even further to the pond.

  • Ponds

  • Trees

  • Flowers

  • Creek

  • Observation Tower

  • Why To Choose Cox Arboretum MetroPark: Every season brings new colors and varied plant growth to make this park beautiful.

  • Why Not To Choose Cox Arboretum MetroPark: This is the most over-used, busy and common outdoor photography location in the Dayton area.

  • Historic Buildings

  • Train and Trolley Cars

  • Vintage Busses

  • Unique Backdrops

  • Carillon Bell Tower

  • Why To Choose Carillon Historical Park: This venue is great if  you want to include iconic pieces of Dayton's history in your engagement photos.

  • Why Not To Choose Carillon Historical Park: The hours are limited and there is a $30 fee paid to Dayton History for use of the park.

  • Flowers

  • Building

  • Stream/Creek

  • Trees

  • Why To Choose Smith Gardens: The selection of flowers and plants make a beautiful backdrop.

  • Why Not To Choose Smith Gardens: The property is very small and may be crowded.

Cannery Loft Apartments / Webster Station


National Museum of The U.S. Air Force

  • Large Airplane Hangars

  • Aviation Theme

  • Aircraft

  • Colorful Backdrops

  • Why To Choose NMUSAF: Choose this location if you want aviation-themed engagement photos.

  • Why Not To Choose NMUSAF: The limited hours and dark interior make it a challenging location.

  • Near Downtown

  • Outdoor Sculptures

  • Historic Building

  • Downtown Dayton As Backdrop

  • Why To Choose Dayton Art Institute: Art lovers can have art-themed engagement photos.

  • Why Not To Choose Dayton Art Institute: The limited hours and dark interior make it difficult to create indoor portraits.

  • Trees

  • Flowers

  • Boardwalk In The Woods

  • Water Feature

  • Why To Choose Wegerzn Gardens MetroPark: Flower and greenery lovers may feel right at home here.

  • Why To Not Choose Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark: The park is small and the area may be crowded.

University of Dayton

  • Brick Buildings

  • Good For UD Alumni

  • Green Space

  • Beautiful Chapel

  • Why To Choose UD: Alumni and fans of UD will feel right at home.

  • Why Not To Choose UD: Images can look UD-specific.

How To Pick The Best Engagement Shoot Locations In Cincinnati*

  • Great American Ball Park

  • Paul Brown Stadium

  • Fountains

  • Roebling Suspension Bridge

  • Ohio River

  • Downtown Backdrop

  • Why To Choose The Banks / Smale Riverfront Park: The number of possibilities for backdrops is endless.

  • Why Not To Choose The Banks / Smale Riverfront Park: Parking is not free, and the area may be crowded.

  • Pond

  • Fountain

  • Field

  • Gazebo

  • Historic Park

  • Beautiful Views

  • Why To Choose Eden Park: This Cincinnati Park is easy to access and is close to downtown Cincinnati.

  • Why Not To Choose Eden Park: There is limited parking and a good amount of walking to these areas.

  • Pergola

  • Ohio River Views

  • Stone Pavilion

  • Easy Parking

  • Less Busy Park

  • Historic Venue

  • Why To Choose Alms Park: The wedding ceremony pergola overlooks the Ohio River and is beautiful.

  • Why Not To Choose Alms Park: The Alms Park Pavilion is small and can't hold a large group of people.

  • Large Pavilion

  • Pergola Overlooking Airport

  • Steps With Fountain

  • Well Manicured Lawns

  • Wildflowers

  • Why To Choose Ault Park: This is the most classic looking wedding reception venue in Cincinnati, and it is stunning.

  • Why Not To Choose Ault Park: This is the most popular Cincinnati wedding venue and may be crowded.

Downtown Cincinnati

  • Architecture

  • Streetcar

  • Fountain Square

  • Over The Rhine

  • Beautiful Building Lobbies

  • Why To Choose Downtown Cincinnati: The choices of backdrops, textures, lighting, and architecture make this an ideal location.

  • Why Not To Choose Downtown Cincinnati: Parking is not free, and the area may be crowded.

  • Ohio River

  • Cincinnati Views

  • Pedestrian Bridge

  • Colorful

  • Historic Structure

  • Why To Choose Newport On The Levee: Having Cincinnati and the Ohio River as backdrops makes this a beautiful location.

  • Why Not To Choose Newport On The Levee: Parking is not free, and the area may be crowded.