What Should I Ask When Choosing A Wedding Photographer In 2019 And 2020

How To Choose The Right Photographer To Meet Your Needs

Most of my past clients have never been married and say to me "I didn't even think to ask those questions that you brought up."  This happens because I point out several things that every prospective Dayton bride and Cincinnati bride should be aware of.  For this reason, I have put together a few things answering the question "what should I ask when choosing a wedding photographer."  Being a professional Cincinnati photographer or professional Dayton photographer means you can answer yes to all of the questions below!

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Dayton Or Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

*** Kevin Lush Photography's Answers To Every Question Below is YES ***

  • Do you backup your wedding images on-site?

  • Do you create several off-site image backups after the event?

  • Do you keep backup copies of my event for at least a year after an event?

  • Are you licensed to do business in the state of Ohio?

  • Is your business fully insured?

  • Do you collect and pay legally required Ohio Sales Tax?

  • Do you travel free within Dayton and Cincinnati?

If the answer to any of these questions is "no," you may want to consider choosing a different photographer in Cincinnati or Dayton, Ohio.  All wedding photographers Dayton Ohio should be able to answer "yes" to every wedding photographer question above.

What Should I Ask When Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Louisville Kentucky Bridges Waterfront And Cityscape Photography

Bridges Buildings And Water In Louisville Kentucky

On a fall 2018 afternoon, I spent a few hours wandering around downtown Louisville, Kentucky. One location I wanted to photograph was the Louisville Waterfront Park. The park situated on the Ohio River facing Indiana, is a multi-acre park that has concert areas, green space, playgrounds, and reclaimed railroad bridge called The Big Four Bridge. The approach to the bridge is 1/4 mile and is an awesome looking looping ramp. I spent a while photographing the Ohio River, the bridge, Indiana, and Kentucky. The bridge is beautiful and is a great reuse of an abandoned railroad bridge.

If you have a few hours free in Louisville, take some time to walk around. There are so many unique buildings, interesting angles, and historic properties. This would be a great city to photograph newly engaged couples for the engagement sessions. I would also love to photograph weddings in downtown Louisville!

One of my goals is to photograph a downtown Louisville Kentucky engagement session or wedding.  There are several amazing bourbon distilleries, breweries, and unique buildings.  Call or email me if you'd like me to be your Louisville engagement photographer or Louisville wedding photographer!

Every Dayton Wedding Venue Cincinnati Wedding Venue And Columbus Wedding Venue I Have Photographed Updated

Where Have I Photographed Weddings And Receptions

After photographing more than 185 weddings (updated 9/26/19) as a professional photographer in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, I want to provide a comprehensive list all of the venues at which I have photographed weddings and or receptions.  This list does not include all churches or private homes.  These Dayton wedding venues, Cincinnati wedding venues, and Columbus wedding venues are categorized by wedding reception theme/type and are in alphabetical order.  Dayton wedding photography is my passion!

I provide sophisticated and creative wedding photography for Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio.

Banquet And Event Center Wedding Venue

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base And Military Venue Wedding Venues

American Legions And Union Hall Wedding Venues

Every Dayton Wedding Venue Cincinnati Wedding Venue And Columbus Wedding Venue I Have Photographed

I am a highly rated Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus wedding photographer who provides sophisticated, creative, and captivating wedding and engagement photography to every bride and groom.  Dayton Wedding Venues; Dayton Wedding Reception Venues; Cincinnati Wedding Venues; Cincinnati Wedding Reception Venues;