Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Bass Lake Wedding Dayton Ohio WPAFB

WPAFB Wedding Photos

For me, Dayton Ohio photography rarely means photographing Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  Normally WPAFB is inaccessible to civilians who don't work there.  The three exceptions for this Dayton photographer are Hope Hotel, Wright-Patt Club, and Bass Lake, all wedding venues in Dayton, Ohio.  For this lovely wedding, Bass Lake was the wedding venue and the reception venue.

Bass Lake is located on the north side of WPAFB next to the active hangars and runway.  It is very important for all photographers in Dayton who will be photographing weddings here to arrive at least an hour early.  The reason for early arrival is that you will have to be checked in by the wedding host and the Air Force security at the gate.  Once this is complete (took me 20 minutes), it is a good 10-15 minute drive to Bass Lake and the lodge.

Upon arriving at this unique lake-themed reception venue in Dayton, Ohio, I was very pleased to see a beautiful lake and an old lodge for the reception.  The bride arrived somewhat late which then put the pressure on me to be able to create beautiful bridal portraits in an even smaller amount of time. To add to the fun, the rain came right after the lakefront ceremony.  We were able to capture some truly amazing Air Force wedding photos at Bass Lake on WPAFB.  I hope to photograph another wedding at this Dayton area wedding reception venue.