Why Wedding Photography Is My Specialty In Dayton

Professional Photographer Who Specializes In Weddings

In the world of professional photography, there are two schools of thought: be a photography generalist or be a photography specialist.  Being a generalist means the photographer may photograph weddings, families, children, senior portraits and more.  On the other hand, being a specialist means the photographer spend the majority of time photographing one thing such as weddings.  There is no right or wrong choice for which session types to photograph.

Photographers who photograph all or many types of photography sessions have many reasons to do so.  Making a living may dictate having to photograph weddings and kids and commercial jobs.  That is a great way to make a living.  The upside to being a photography generalist is that the photographer gets tons of experience in various situations and settings.  This enables the Dayton area photographer to get a varied experience with locations, people, and subjects.  The downside to this type of photography is the photographer may not become really good at photographing a specific type of photography.

As of today, I have more than ten years of experience photographing weddings in the Dayton and Cincinnati area.  Although my primary business is wedding photography, from time to time I do commercial photography, family photography, and landscape photography.  What makes me a specialist is that almost every penny I make doing what I love comes from being a great Dayton wedding photographer.

When I started my business in January 2007, I make the conscious choice to focus my efforts on becoming the best wedding photographer in Dayton, Ohio.  Since the beginning, I have gone from photographing a few free portfolio-building weddings to charging $2600 for a full day wedding.  I could not be happier with my choice to focus on weddings, and I use the other sessions to try new things and for fun.  Every year I learn new skills, and I keep building my Dayton wedding photography skills.  If I had to photograph ten different types of sessions, I wouldn't be as good at weddings as I am.

Kevin Lush Photography specializes in photographing Cincinnati weddings, Dayton wedding, Cincinnati engagements and Dayton engagements and is one of the best wedding photographers Cincinnati has to offer!  Call today to schedule your booking meeting.

Why Wedding Photography Is My Specialty In Dayton