Why Giving Your Wedding Photographer Plenty Of Time Is Important

Benefits Of Giving Your Wedding Photography Ample Time

Giving your Dayton or Cincinnati wedding photographer ample time on your wedding day is very important to getting high-quality wedding images.  Wedding photography will be one of the few wedding day items that you will have forever after your wedding.  Rushing the photographer or giving the photographer very little time can severely limit the number, quality, and creativity of your Dayton wedding photography photos.  Below I lay out a planned scenario, an adjusted/rushed scenario, and an ideal scenario.  No matter who you choose for your Dayton wedding photography needs, please consider giving your photographer plenty of time to create timeless images of your wedding day.  Each scenario assumes a 30-minute church ceremony, separate site reception and bride and groom not seeing each other.

More often than not, the photographer is the only one to get squeezed for time.  Bridal parties who are running late will not force a late ceremony and want to get to the reception at their predetermined time.  The drive time between ceremony and reception cannot be reduced either. This leaves only the photographer's limited time to obtain what can potentially be 100 or more images of the bridal party, bride and groom, families on both sides and any other combination that can be imagined.  Even the best wedding photographers in Dayton and Cincinnati have to deal with time crunches.

Rushing the photographer means that a photographer who anticipated having 50 minutes or more to produce beautiful and unique photos may now only have 20 minutes to complete the task.  Good, professional photographers like Kevin Lush Photography can work quickly, but giving more time will guarantee more beautiful, higher quality images.

How The Bride And Groom Can Ensure A Smooth And Efficient Wedding Day

  • Have a schedule and stick to it - your professional wedding photographer will appreciate it

  • Alert notoriously-late people that they are needed 30-60 minutes prior to when they are actually needed

  • Have a non-bridal party member assigned to move all wedding materials between ceremony start and the reception (bridal bags, makeup, snacks, etc.)

  • Anyone, including grandparents, who will be in the formal photos will need to be in the ceremony location at the appropriate time and will need to remain there - people who wander off are the number one time wasting issue at weddings

  • Have a plan with the DJ before the wedding so that he/she has the grand entrance order and pronunciations ready when you arrive at the reception

Sample Timeline For An 8-Hour Wedding / 8 Hour Wedding

1:00 pm - Getting Ready Photographs
2:30 pm - Bride And Groom First Look
2:45 pm - Bride And Groom Portrait Session
3:45 pm - Family Portraits And Bridal Party Portraits
4:30 pm - Bridal Party Freshens Up While Guests Arrive
5:00 pm - Wedding Ceremony
5:30 pm - Receiving Line or Dismissal
6:30 pm - Grand Entrance
2.5 Hours Remaining For Reception Photographs