Wheeling West Virginia Wedding And St. Clairsville Ohio Wedding Barkcamp State Park Bridal Portraits

Eastern Ohio And Wheeling West Virginia Wedding Photographer

As one of the best wedding photographers in Dayton Ohio, I sometimes get the opportunity to travel to other cities and states to photograph weddings.  On Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing my first Wheeling West Virginia wedding!  The ceremony took place in the small community of St. Clairsville, Ohio on the Ohio and West Virginia border at the East Richland Evangelical Friends Church.  This eastern Ohio wedding ceremony was really nice and provided some fun moments such as the father of the bride tripping on the bride's dress.

After the ceremony, the bridal party boarded Wheeling West Virginia's "Queen Of The Valley" trolley to Barkcamp State Park.  This Ohio State park is large and offers all kinds of recreational activities.  The bride and groom wanted to do all bridal portraits in the park but didn't tell me what they had in mind.  I was so excited!

We pulled into Barkcamp and stopped at the large, dark red barn with "Mail Pouch Tobacco" painted on the side.  I could not have been happier about this location for bridal portraits in extreme eastern Ohio.  We spent nearly an hour creating stunning bridal portraits in this historic park.  The dark red barn complimented the white, grey and blue of the wedding party.

Once we completed our portraits at the park, we headed to River City Restaurant And Banquets in downtown Wheeling, West Virginia.  This Wheeling wedding venue is one of the coolest buildings I have ever been too. It must have been an old factory or warehouse.  It is three stories with the banquet area being on the third floor.  There is a ton of space for a large wedding reception along with plenty of space for a bar and the buffet.  DJ Brian Oliver did a fantastic job keeping the party moving.

Although I am primarily a Dayton wedding photographer and Cincinnati wedding photographer, I would love to photograph more Wheeling West Virginia weddings in the future!