What Photography Style Should My Photographer Have

My Wedding Photography Style

I create elegant and creative wedding photography that captures all the events of your wedding day while creating special moments and traditional portraits. Candid photos are the most sincere, and I work really hard to capture the most creative candid images possible. I may give simple directions to create the most aesthetically pleasing images while maintaining the genuine emotion of the moment.

Generally speaking, I create lifestyle wedding photography which is 80% capturing your day as it happens and 20% making things happen (family photos, bridal party photos, bride and groom alone, etc.). These are just rough estimates, as some weddings require much more time creating posed and directed images while others require very little posing. Either way, I capture everything!

What I do is a combination of photojournalistic style and traditional wedding photography style. A true photojournalistic approach is hands off with no posing and no direction. I really enjoy combing the hands-off “capture as it happens” with the “make this shot better by posing you” styles. Every couple is different, so if you want more of a certain photography style, feel free to ask!

So to answer the question “What photography style should my photographer have?” all I can tell you is the look at your preferred photographer’s portfolio to see if it fits your vision. Hopefully my wedding photography style is what you are seeking!

What Photography Style Should My Photographer Have