Wedding Photography At One Of Dayton's Best Reception Venues Top Of The Market

Top Of The Market Wedding Photos

My first spring 2017 wedding and reception took place in downtown Dayton, Ohio.   Being a professional photographer in Dayton means I get to photograph beautiful brides at places such as the Top Of The Market Banquet And Event Center.  This reception facility boasts two floors which allow for one large wedding and one smaller wedding.  For this wedding reception, the bride and groom reserved the large, near-building-length lower level party room.  Below are some of my favorite images I've ever taken at Top Of The Market.

Why Wedding Photography In Dayton Ohio Is Great At Top Of The Market

If you are searching for a historic, unique wedding reception venue in Dayton, Ohio or southwest Ohio, Top Of The Market is for you.  The service is always amazing, the parking is abundant and free, and the photography choices are many.  Not only is the reception hall a repurposed shipping and warehouse facility, it boasts brick parking lots, elevated train track (with many trains per day passing by), graffiti wall, brick walls, and a large "Dayton" semi-trailer.  All of these make for great wedding photo backdrops for any Dayton photographer who specializes in weddings.

You won't be disappointed with a Top Of The Market wedding in Dayton, Ohio.