Wedding Images From Benham's Grove In Centerville Ohio

Benham's Grove Wedding Photos

On a beautiful June night in 2016, I photographed this fun couple's Benham's Grove Centerville wedding.  Benham's Grove is a historic property near the intersection of Main Street and 725 in Centerville, Ohio. Although it is on a busy street, Benham's Grove weddings are quiet and feel like you are out in the country.  If you are considering a Benhams Grove wedding, Kevin Lush Photography would love to show you some of the amazing wedding photos that have been taken at this quaint wedding venue.

As one of the most popular wedding photographers in Dayton, I visit Benham’s Grove / Behnams Grove at least once per year.  The weddings are always beautiful and well done at this Dayton reception venue.  I love it!

Benham's Grove wedding photos can be fun, beautiful, creative and unique.