Dayton And Cincinnati Wedding Day Bridal Shoes Ideas

Wedding Day Photos Of Brides Shoes

Being one of the top wedding photographers in Cincinnati and Dayton, I see the bride‚Äôs wedding shoes nearly every weekend.  I have yet to see two pairs that are the same!  These Dayton wedding shoe ideas can be used for Dayton brides, Cincinnati brides or other brides and bridesmaids. The sky is the limit with the endless choices brides have.  Take time to get the right shoes for you, and choose Kevin Lush Photography, Dayton wedding photographer, to capture images of your wedding shoes and entire wedding day!  A wedding trend I have been seeing over the last few years has been brides wearing flats instead of heels.

Wedding day bridal shoe ideas can be helpful for Cincinnati and Dayton brides who need beautiful shoes on her wedding day.

My Dayton and Cincinnati engagement photographer page highlights some things to do and not do including tips for wearing shoes to your free engagement session!