Victoria Theatre Association's PNC Arts Annex Downton Dayton Photos

Downton Dayton Theatre And Arts Project

Since May 2016, I have been working on a volunteer project for Victoria Theatre Association. The consisted of photographing Victoria Theatre, Benjamin and Marian Schuster Center, The Loft Theatre, and most recently, the PNC Arts Annex. I’ve photographed each location free of patrons, guests, and workers. I’ve loved the performing arts since I saw Muse Machine’s 1992 production of South Pacific from the balcony of Victoria Theatre. During high school I worked as a stage hand during Muse Machine’s The Music Man and Me And My Girl. At that time, I fell in love with Victoria Theatre and old theatre buildings.

Below are my images from a March 2019 photo shoot at PNC Arts Annex. The venue is modern and has a surprising amount of space. The venue sits at the corner of Second Street and Ludlow Street in downtown Dayton. Check out Victoria Theatre Association’s website for more information!

I am a professional photographer based in Dayton, Ohio. Wedding photography and engagement photography are my specialties. In addition to photographing concerts for fun, I love being an aviation photographer and commercial photographer in Dayton.