University Of Dayton Marriott UD Marriott Wedding Reception Photos 2017

Dayton Marriott Photos For Brides And Grooms And Bridal Parties

The Marriott at the University of Dayton, formerly the Dayton Marriott, has recently undergone a multi-million dollar refresh and upgrade.  As a Dayton native, I've been to this iconic Dayton hotel many times.  October 2017 was the first time I've photographed a Dayton wedding reception at this beautiful location.  I was hoping the updates to the property were noticeable, and they absolutely were!  This Dayton hotel and wedding reception venue is truly worthy of being a Marriott property.

The entire property has been upgraded including the lobby, restaurant, bar, outdoor areas, and rooms.  I spent time photographing the bride and groom in their rooms, the bar area, and the outdoor courtyard.  There are so many beautiful and modern backdrops to create Dayton wedding photos.  My two favorite places for Dayton wedding photos at the UD Marriott were the outdoor courtyard featuring modern patio furniture and large trees and the bar/restaurant featuring modern designs and bold lines.

After the wedding at a downtown Dayton church, we made our way back to the UD Marriott to have a large wedding reception in the ballroom.  The foyer/lobby area outside the ballroom features plenty of room for the buffet, bar and cocktail tables.  To the south is an outdoor lounge area which has also been upgraded. To the north is the large, beautiful ballroom.  For a wedding photographer, this room is perfect.  There is ample lighting, tons of space, and camera-friendly decor.

For brides and grooms looking for a Dayton wedding reception venue that is modern and can hold hundreds of guests, I suggest the Marriott at the University of Dayton.  I couldn't have been happier photographing this recent Dayton wedding at this perfect Dayton wedding reception venue.  Choose Kevin Lush Photography, one of the best Dayton Ohio wedding photographers to photograph your wedding!

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