Top 10 Wedding Venues In Dayton Ohio Ranked

Building on last week's "Top 5 Wedding Venues In Dayton Ohio" post, here is the full list of top 10 wedding venues in Dayton Ohio as seen through the eyes of a high-end Dayton wedding photographer.

Searching for good wedding venues in any city can be tricky.  In a city the size of Dayton, Ohio, there can be hundreds of good, bad and ugly wedding venues.  Fortunately, Kevin Lush Photography has put together a list (in Kevin’s opinion) of the top 5 wedding venues in the Dayton area. Benefits of each wedding venue are listed such as air conditioning, venue size and outdoor features.  Each venue has pros and cons, and your experience may differ from what Kevin has experienced.

Affordable wedding photography in Dayton can enhance your wedding and reception at any of these Dayton wedding venues!

10.  Sycamore Creek Country Club In Springboro Ohio

  • Country club party room

  • Also referred to as Sycamore Creek CC

  • Great service

  • Air conditioned

  • Drawback: Can be crowded with country club members

9.   Dayton Masonic Center / Dayton Masonic Temple

  • Large lower level event room that holds a large amount of people

  • Balcony around the room provides unique views and decoration opportunities

  • Air conditioned

  • Drawback: Theatre/stage for weddings can be very hot in summer (does not affect receptions)

8.   Carillon Historical Park / Carillon Park

  • Transportation Center housing busses, trolley cars and more

  • Historic buildings and more can be used for photography

  • Air conditioned

  • Unique location

  • Great service

  • Drawback: Transportation center can get crowded by guests and tables

7.   Cedar Springs Pavilion In Tipp City Ohio

  • Outdoor screened pavilion

  • Very new

  • Pond

  • Outdoor photography area with vintage props and art

  • Air conditioned (bridal suite only)

  • Drawback: Can be occasionally loud depending on Dayton International Airport’s takeoff and landing schedule

6.  Top Of The Market Events And Banquet Center

  • Repurposed warehouse/shipping facility

  • Two rooms (one smaller, one large)

  • Unique look inside and out

  • Air conditioned

  • Excellent service

  • Drawback: Can be two events happening in different rooms

5.   Benham’s Grove / Benhams Grove Centerville

  • Centerville, Ohio

  • Historic home (medium)

  • Barn (small)

  • Pond

  • Tent

  • Gazebo

  • Outdoor area (small)

  • Air conditioned (bridal suites and prep areas only)

  • Drawback: Small patio makes it less than ideal for large parties (although there is a larger tent)

4.   The Willow Tree Tipp City Ohio 

  • Historic home (mostly not open to bridal party)

  • Barn (large)

  • Pond, creek

  • Tent

  • Outdoor area (small)

  • Air conditioned (bridal suite only)

  • Drawback: Almost no inside prep space

3.   Polen Farm Kettering Ohio / Polen Farms Kettering

  • Historic home (large)

  • Barn (large, 2 story)

  • Tent

  • Gazebo

  • Outdoor area (medium)

  • Air conditioned (bridal suites and prep areas only)

  • Drawback: It is heavily used for weddings, so images may not be as unique as less used venues

2.   Canopy Creek Farm Miamisburg Ohio

  • Large, three-year-old custom event barn

  • Pond and creek

  • Outdoor area (large)

  • Air conditioned (all indoor areas)

  • Drawback: Very popular and books up very far in advance

1.    Dayton Art Institute

  • Nearly the entire building can be rented for events

  • Great Hall is excellent for cocktail hour

  • Gothic Cloister provides huge amount of well-lit reception space

  • Bridal portraits can be taken in front of museum exhibits such as paintings and sculptures

  • Staff is top notch

  • Drawback: Cost

Top 10 Wedding Venues In Dayton Ohio Ranked