Top Six Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue Before You Book Your Wedding Date

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Church Or Wedding Ceremony Venue

Choosing a wedding venue can be easy or difficult. Many brides know that they will be getting married in the church they’ve been attending for years. That is an easy wedding decision! Other brides have to choose between dozens of churches, reception halls (i.e. The Presidential), historic wedding reception venues (i.e. The Steam Plant Dayton), outdoor reception venues (i.e. Magnolia Estate), and rustic barn reception venues (i.e. The Willow Tree). This can be a daunting challenge to undertake. In order to make choosing easier, I have compiled a list of the things that I look for at each and every wedding venue that I photograph. I know that I’m not choosing the venue, but I always take note of these things to pass along to my future brides and grooms.

I hope you find these wedding ceremony venue tips to be helpful!

  • Is there a place where my bridal party can get dressed prior to the ceremony?

  • Is there plenty of available parking for my wedding guests?

  • During a summer wedding, is there ample air conditioning to keep my guests and me cool during the ceremony?

  • Is there more than one restroom? Note: This sounds silly, but there are many churches that have a single restroom for hundreds of guests.

  • Does my wedding venue allow the photographer to use flash or lights during the ceremony?

  • Will there be time after my ceremony for the photographer to capture formal and family photos?