Top Five Tips To Have A Successful Wedding Reception In Cincinnati Ohio

How To Have A Great Wedding Reception

Sometimes I feel like I have seen anything and everything at the 150 weddings I have photographed.  Then, I go to my next wedding only to discover something that makes me say "I have never seen this before."  I thought it might be helpful to Cincinnati brides and Dayton brides to have a short list of things that I think make a successful wedding reception.  Photographing amazing Cincinnati weddings as a high-end Cincinnati wedding photographer has given me the opportunity to share these wedding tips with you.

Here are my top five tips for a successful wedding reception in Cincinnati or Dayton!

Don't Sit Elderly Guests Near The DJ

  • Often at weddings, the table for the grandparents is directly in front of the speakers.  This often annoys the grandparents and can make them leave the reception early.  Place the elderly people close to the head table and immediate family while keeping them away from the thumping sounds of the DJ.

Have A Fast And Efficient Timeline

  • The biggest time waster at wedding receptions I have been to is when there are large gaps of unused time during the reception.  This usually happens when the bride and groom are done eating but everyone else isn't.  I highly suggest that when the bride and groom are done, toasts and dances should commence.

Don't Buy Wedding Cake For Each Guest

  • Not everyone eats the cake.  I would suggest ordering one piece of cake for 3/4 of the guests.  Very small kids, people with allergies, people on diets and those who are drinking alcohol probably won't eat any cake or cupcakes.

Don't Waste Time Between Arriving At Reception And Being Announced

  • At so many of the weddings I have photographed, 5-20 minutes of time is wasted in the hallway outside of the reception while the DJ gets a lineup order and name pronunciations ready.  To avoid this needless time waster, ensure the DJ knows all bridal party pairings, entrance order and pronunciations prior to the wedding.

Keep The Dollar Dance To A Minimum Time

  • The dollar dance, while awesome for some extra honeymoon cash, can run very long.  Insist that the bridal party members who are taking the money limit to dances to 20-30 seconds at most.  Too many times the same person is dancing with the bride for 60-90 seconds.

Bonus Tip: If your guests have little kids, ensure the kids are not on the dance floor for the first dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, garter toss and bouquet toss.

Top Five Tips To Have A Successful Wedding Reception In Cincinnati Ohio