Top 10 Smart Decisions A Wedding And Portrait Photographer Can Make

Having been a professional wedding photographer in Dayton and Cincinnati for more than 10 years now, I want to share the top ten smart decisions I have made in my business.  I am an affordable high-end wedding photographer in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio.

  • Have business insurance for your equipment and your business - peace of mind makes photography more enjoyable

  • Carry backup equipment at all times - expect equipment failure and be prepared

  • Use high-quality equipment - I use all Nikon cameras and flashes

  • High -speed SanDisk SD cards are great - spend the money to get the best

  • Reply quickly - replying to emails and messages quickly makes a great impression

  • Follow up with everyone - even if people don't write back, send them a follow-up email

  • Always be early - I am early to every wedding, session, and meeting

  • Ask clients about their lives - showing interest is nice and gives the photographer a good starting point

  • Play by the rules in church - too many photographers ignore church rules and anger the officiant

  • Backup your images in various locations and the cloud - keeping copies of your images will create peace of mind

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