The Madison South Covington Kentucky Devou Park Wedding Photos

Covington Kentucky And Cincinnati Ohio Wedding Photos

Saturday, September 23, 2017, was one of the hottest wedding days I remember photographing.  The temperature was 92, and I was photographing this pleasant couple at Covington, Kentucky's Devou Park.  Although this was a reception-only photography day for me, I treated it as if we had just come from the wedding.  The bride's dress was beautiful and the groom's suit was perfect for him.  It isn't too often when, as a Dayton and Cincinnati wedding photographer, I get to photograph only a reception.

We spent 45 minutes creating classy and beautiful Cincinnati wedding photos with the Cincinnati skyline in the background.  The view from Devou Park is hands-down the best.  If you are looking for stunning wedding photos that have Cincinnati in the background, check out Devou Park.

The couple had their first date at Newport, Kentucky's Purple People Bridge at Newport On The Levee.  To celebrate this, we spent an hour creating beautiful Cincinnati wedding photos on the bridge and overlooking the Ohio River.

The reception took place at great Cincinnati area wedding reception venue called The Madison South.  This reception hall in a historic building was perfect.  The decor, the lighting, and the staff were great.  As a Cincinnati wedding photographer, I recommend having your small wedding reception at The Madison South.

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