Spring Wedding In Springboro Ohio Between Dayton And Cincinnati

Rainy Springboro Ohio Wedding Spring 2018

Recently I experienced my third rainy wedding out of 165.  The bride and groom had an awesome wedding site set up with chairs, an arbor, and a beautiful lake.  Around 5pm on the wedding day, 2 hours before the ceremony, the rain started.  It rained really hard for 90 minutes before finally clearing up.  However, no one knew how long it would last, so the groom and groomsmen brought the chairs and arbor into the tent and rearranged everything.  Although everything was completely soaked and the ground was muddy, the wedding went very well and everyone was having a great time.  The matron-of-honor suggested using the umbrellas for a few images. So, I took her suggestion and got this awesome bridal party portrait with everyone under umbrellas.  It was so much fun!

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