Smith Gardens Wedding Photos Oakwood Ohio Wedding Photographer

Over the course of 10 years in business as a professional Dayton photographer and professional Cincinnati photographer, I have photographed one wedding at Smith Gardens in Oakwood, Ohio and several bridal parties that were getting married elsewhere.  This wedding party was awesome and open to whatever poses I suggested.

As a Dayton Ohio wedding photographer, I could not have asked for a classier bride and groom than I had on this day.  Between wedding and reception, we spent a short amount of time creating beautiful bridal portraits, groom portraits, and bridal party photos in this quaint, flower-filled small park in Oakwood.  Although this property is probably only 1/3 of an acre, its backdrops include trees, flowers, stream, and a picturesque building.  Check out this Smith Gardens wedding photos and contact Dayton Ohio wedding photographer Kevin Lush to discuss your dream Dayton wedding!