Reflection Photos Taken At Weddings In Dayton Ohio

Various reflection photos and images, taken in 2015 and 2016 in Dayton, Ohio area are both beautiful and unique.  Mirrors, cars and more can create beautiful reflections of brides and grooms.  Wedding photographers Cincinnati and wedding photographers Dayton have many choices for reflective surfaces when creating wedding photos.  Below are some of my favorite reflection photos from wedding venues in Dayton Ohio and wedding venues in Cincinnati Ohio.  Cincinnati area photographers, feel free to use these wedding photo ideas for your wedding.

Wedding photos involving reflections are not possible at every wedding.  I try to create unique reflection photos based on the surroundings of each wedding day.  Often there are mirrors or windows that I can use.  Recently, I've taken extra time to create stunning puddle reflection photos of brides, grooms, and recently engaged couples.

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