Recently Engaged And Looking For A Wedding Photographer In Dayton And Cincinnati

Engagement Photographer In Dayton

Recently engaged couples are so exciting to work with.  The enthusiasm and excitement they have for wedding planning provides a blank canvas for a Dayton or Cincinnati wedding photographer to make creative engagement photos.  Every bride and groom who is booked with Kevin Lush Photography receive a complimentary one-hour engagement session.

The pre-wedding photo below is of an awesome groom from 2017.  We spent time in a tiny hotel room with 3 groomsmen, the groom, and me.  In order to capture this image, I had the groom move to the window and turn sideways. I used the natural light from outside to illuminate his face and torso.  I was able to capture this cool, calm, and collected groom in a peaceful moment before his wedding.

If you recently got engaged and are planning a Dayton or Cincinnati wedding, set up a meeting with Dayton and Cincinnati's most popular high-end wedding photographer, today!

Engagement Photographer In Dayton and Cincinnati