Patterson Homestead Wedding Photos And Dayton History Wedding Photos

Wedding Pics At A Great Dayton History Venue

Having a wedding at any Dayton History venue such as Patterson Homestead is guaranteed to be great.  The historical organization does a great job, and their numerous facilities are top-notch historical sites.  Patterson Homestead is located on Brown Street across from the University of Dayton campus.  The grounds are historic and are an important part of Dayton's history.

This eclectic wedding featured a funky bride and groom that made my Dayton photography day so much fun!  The couple was ready to do fun poses and had ideas of their own.  The bride was gorgeous and the couple looked great together.  If you are having a small wedding in Dayton, Ohio, take a look at Patterson Homestead.  This Dayton photographer can't say enough about this nice Dayton wedding venue!  The vintage home and property will compliment any beautiful bride and groom!