Oregon District Engagement Photos 2017 And 2018

Dayton Engagement Photo Ideas

As a Dayton and Cincinnati engagement photographer, I get to visit many amazing Dayton engagement locations.  Currently at the top of my list of favorite engagement locations is the historic Oregon District.  This dense area of historic homes, stores, breweries, brick streets, and restaurants provides endless backdrops for eclectic engagement photos.

When meeting a newly engaged couple in the Oregon District, I set Omega Music as the starting point.  We will then make our way around several blocks within the business area and residential area to create these Dayton engagement photos.  Some of my favorite backdrops to use are the brick streets, graffiti-covered alleys, brick walls of homes (without trespassing), and a great deal of the historic architecture.  I usually finish our Dayton engagement photography time by walking west on 5th street through the main business area. There are so many unique storefronts that enable unique Dayton engagement photos.  Recently I photographed a couple in 416 Diner, with permission.

This is one of the best photography spots in Dayton for engagement sessions, engagement photo shoots, modeling shoots, family sessions, and more!

As a Dayton Ohio photographer, I highly recommend this Dayton engagement location!  I provide sophisticated and creative wedding photography for Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio.

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