One Of The Top Wedding Photographers In Cincinnati Ohio And Dayton Ohio

Reviews And Testimonials Of Kevin Lush Photography

Kevin Lush Photography is one of the top wedding photographers in Dayton, Ohio.  Kevin Lush Photography is also one of the top wedding photographers in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Being one of the best photographers in southwest Ohio means that having a great reputation is key.  Below are some of the newest wedding photography reviews Kevin Lush Photography has received on various sites such as,, and more!  To ensure your dream wedding is captured for all time, choose one of Dayton's top photographers to photograph your wedding!

  • "We had the pleasure of having Kevin do our photography for our wedding. He did an amazing job, was very timely in returning the pictures (we received them back within the week following our wedding), and was very personable when interacting with us and guests!! His prices are very affordable, and we especially liked being owners of the rights to all pictures! We would recommend Kevin to anyone- he does an awesome job and is very professional! He took a variety of pictures and is very creative!"

Here is another new review of Kevin Lush Photography, one of the best Cincinnati wedding photographers:

  • "Kevin helped with the success on my wedding day. He had great ideas and placed us quickly on a very hot day. Kevin was also willing to take pictures I asked during the middle of the reception. He is creative with his shots and makes everyone feel comfortable. Kevin is very knowledgeable and helps everyone know their position, as well as allowing creativity during the shoot. I would highly recommend him for a wedding! I was 100% confident that he would create perfect memories for me of my wedding day, and he did. I love all of my pictures."

Here is another new review from a client who has been in two weddings Kevin Lush has photographed:

  • "We had Kevin take our photographs a few years back. With being a part of many weddings since and seeing photographers from around the county, Kevin still did the best job. He asks what photos you want beforehand (i.e. Poses, family photos, etc) and plans this out to make the most of your time taking pictures. Other weddings the photographer is asking what family do you want next, grab everyone, position than how you like. Kevin did not do this because he already planned ahead. Even with doing them quickly they are the best photos I have seen from any wedding photographer. When looking through I think to myself, 'how did he even get that picture?' Definitely has a knack for catching pictures in the moment and strikes many memories of the special day when looking back at the pictures. During the ceremony and reception, he never got in the way of or caused any distraction to the activities but captured the moment perfectly."

Choose Kevin Lush Photography if you are seeking an excellent, high-end photographer in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Kevin Lush Photography is one of the best wedding photographers Cincinnati brides can choose.

One Of The Top Wedding Photographers In Cincinnati Ohio And Dayton Ohio