My Secrets To Great Wedding Photos In Cincinnati And Dayton

How To Get The Best Wedding Images

Being a high-end Cincinnati wedding photographer has taken a lot of work over the past 10 years.  At nearly all weddings I learn something new that will help me with the next wedding.  I try to keep track of every great wedding photography tip and trick that I learn.  This helps me be an even better Cincinnati wedding photographer year after year.  Here are my secrets to creating great wedding photos in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio.

Know Your Camera And Your Photography Gear

  • Displaying professionalism and gear know-how shows your bride and groom that you know what you are doing. This puts them at ease and reminds them why they chose you to photograph their wedding in the Cincinnati or Dayton area.

Backup All Wedding Photography Images As You Take Them

  • Having backups frees the mind from worry and enables you to put that energy toward making better photos

Discuss Your Needs For Time With The Bride And Groom

  • When I get to each wedding I walk through the timeline with the bride and groom. I indicate when I will need them alone for their bride and groom portraits and their one of a kind artistic wedding photos.  This primes the bride and groom to be ready for this short session.

Think About Possible Lighting Scenarios And Opportunities That May Arise

  • Knowing the weather forecast and the location of the sun at photography times is important.  At a recent Cincinnati winery wedding, I let the bride and groom know that at sunset we'd be heading outside to do the beautiful bride and groom shots in front of the grape vines and setting sun.  We were able to capture stunning photos just before the sun went beyond the horizon. Indoor lighting doesn't change much except for getting darker after the reception dinner.  Be prepared!

Go With The Flow And Be Flexible

  • Sometimes the bride and groom are uncomfortable with certain poses.  When this happens, I laugh it off and have them turn it into a goofy/fun pose that often results in very natural smiles and laughter.  Be ready because not everyone is a natural poser.

My Secrets To Great Wedding Photos In Cincinnati And Dayton