How A Photographer Can Make The Bride And Groom Comfortable On Their Wedding Day

Why Hiring The Right Wedding Photographer Is Important

Part of being a top Dayton wedding photographer and top Cincinnati wedding photographer means making every bride and groom comfortable on their wedding day.  I take great pride in helping the bride and groom remain calm and happy on their special day.  Every Cincinnati wedding and Dayton wedding has its own feel and rhythm, and I try to keep the bride and groom in their happy groove.  Here are some tips to make the bride and groom comfortable on their wedding day.

Be Funny But Don't Be The Center Of Attention

  • Having some small jokes at the ready or being able to tell a few funny wedding stories helps put everyone at ease. In addition to making you, the worker, seem more personable, it helps the bride put any possible wedding day problems into perspective.

Treat Everyone With Respect

  • People that respect you will be more open to smile and to allow you to make fun, unique and candid wedding images. This can also help you get referrals down the road.

Keep It Cool

  • I photograph a lot of summer weddings.  Ensuring the bride, groom and wedding party stay physically cool is important.  At each wedding, I let the bridal party, especially the groom and groomsmen, know that I will do my best to keep them cool by working quickly and keeping them in the shade.  There are certain circumstances such as a 4 pm outdoor wedding in full sun that I can't control.

Be A Helper Not Just A Photographer

  • Being hired as the photographer doesn't just mean I stay behind my camera.  At every wedding, there are many many times where I help people whit non-photography related tasks.  I do this just to be friendly and to help out the bride who has enough to think about on her special day.

  • Some of the things I do on a regular basis are:

    • Give directions

    • Watch for accidental run-ins with the wedding dress

    • Get the bride and groom drinks at the reception

    • Remind wedding party where they left their phones

    • Provide phone charger to people

    • Keep everyone on time

I am a great wedding photographer Dayton Ohio, so hire me to photograph your 2018 or 2019 wedding!

How A Photographer Can Make The Bride And Groom Comfortable On Their Wedding Day