Historic Dayton Arcade Photos And City of Dayton History 2017 Part 3

Photos Of The Dayton Arcade Before Upcoming Restoration

The Historic Dayton Arcade is a collection of seven buildings located in downtown Dayton, Ohio.  The arcade was built in the first part of the 1900's and is situated between Main Street (to the east), Ludlow Street (to the west), Third Street (to the north) and Fourth Street (to the south).  The historic entrance and original arcade features are on the Third Street side across from the old Dayton Courthouse and Courthouse Square.  Check out the Dayton Arcade pictures below from my 2017 Arcade photo exploration.

Since the early 1990's, this historic structure has been vacant.  In 2015 and 2016, steps were taken the seal the building from the elements and maintain the structure for future development. Currently, the complex is owned by the City of Dayton and agreements have been reached with Miller-Valentine Group and Cross Street Partners to transform this gem.  Redevelopment hinges on receiving the final pieces of financing.

Please contact me if you have a need for the complete gallery of 139 images of this great building that shows off Dayton's beauty and history. Revitalization of the Arcade would be great for Dayton and Montgomery County.

I hope you enjoy my photography in Dayton Ohio as much as I do.  Being one of a handful of professional photographers in Dayton Ohio who documents the city on a daily basis is truly a pleasure.

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