Hiring A Wedding Photographer In Dayton Ohio

How To Hire A Dayton Wedding Photographer

Hiring a wedding photographer in Dayton, Ohio can be a difficult task.  My goal, whether or not you book with me, is to ensure you make your perfect wedding photography decision. There are many choices of Dayton Ohio wedding photographers, and I hope these tips help make the decision easier.

With Kevin Lush Photography, one of the best photographers in Dayton, the answer to these important wedding photography questions is always “yes!”

  • Does your photographer have liability insurance?

  • Is your photographer licensed in the State of Ohio?

  • Does your photographer pay legally required sales tax?

  • Is backup equipment brought to every wedding?

  • Are several on/off-site backups of images made and maintained?

Choose Kevin Lush Photography for your professional wedding photography Dayton Ohio and Cincinnati Ohio.

Hiring A Wedding Photographer In Dayton Ohio