Heatherwoode Golf Club Wedding Reception And St. Henry Catholic Church Wedding Part 3

Dayton Ohio Golf Course Wedding Photos

The first wedding of 2018 for me was with a really nice couple at St. Henry Parish (Dayton, Ohio) and Heatherwoode Golf Club (Springboro, Ohio).  The Catholic wedding went well and was really beautiful.  The coolest thing about this wedding experience was when the bride and groom used a bright red Porsche as their getaway car.  They borrowed this sports car from a friend and sped off to the reception.

After I arrived at the reception, the bride and groom showed up and posed for me in front of the car.  The photos are beautiful because of the bride, groom, Porsche, and Heatherwoode's golf course as a backdrop.  The clubhouse at Heatherwoode is very modern and has room for 60-70 guests.  The bartenders were the best I've seen, and looking out on the golf course was a great backdrop for a wedding reception.  We were able to get a golf car to do some photos at the famous Huddle House on a peak overlooking the golf course.  I couldn't have been happier with this couple or these photos.

Oh, and by the way, the Springboro Fire Department showed up for a fire alarm and allowed us to do 20 minutes of photos with the fire truck and firemen.  The bride was very excited!

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