Good English Concert At Victoria Theatre Dayton Ohio

Victoria Theatre Concert Dayton Ohio

Saturday, May 7, 2016, Victoria Theatre hosted its first rock concert in years.  The lineup included Good English, Motel Beds, and Buffalo Killers.  The concert rocked, and it was awesome seeing a concert in Dayton's oldest and most historic theatre.  Thank you, Victoria Theatre Association for allowing this Dayton concert photographer to photograph this great event.

Although I am primarily a wedding photographer in Cincinnati Ohio and a wedding photographer in Dayton Ohio, I really love being a Dayton concert photographer and Cincinnati concert photographer.  I have been lucky to photograph more than 20 concerts over the last few years, and I hope to photograph even more concerts as a Dayton photographer and Cincinnati photographer.  Most of my concert photos have been taken at Rose Music Center and Fraze Pavilion.

I am a professional photographer based in Dayton, Ohio. Wedding photography and engagement photography are my specialties. In my free time, I am a well-known Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus concert photographer shooting for publications, bands, and myself. Thanks for checking out my concert photos!