Floral V Designs And Canyon Run Ranch Are A Great Dayton Wedding Vendor Pairing

Great Dayton Florist And Amazing Barn Wedding Venue Near Dayton

Saturday's Canyon Run Ranch wedding near Troy, Ohio, featured an amazing 150-acre farm, 170-year-old barn, and one of Dayton's best florists, Floral V Designs.  These beautifully designed wedding bouquets and floral centerpieces were created and delivered by Floral V Designs in Bellbrook, Ohio.  Although I do not generally interact with the florists because flowers are delivered prior to my arrival, I can say that Floral V Designs made an absolutely perfect wedding bouquet for these two brides.  The flower colors perfectly complimented the rustic-chic barn wedding just north of Dayton!  Check out Canyon Run Ranch when you are looking for affordable barn wedding venues.

I cannot say it loud enough, but Canyon Run Ranch is highly recommended.  It is an absolutely perfect wedding venue.

If you are in need of a wedding bouquet in the Dayton area, check out Floral V Designs.  This Dayton wedding photographer loved photographing such vibrant colors at Canyon Run Ranch in Pleasant Hill, Ohio.

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