Engineers Club Wedding Photos Dayton Ohio

Christmas Wedding Photos At Dayton's Engineer's Club

A couple of years ago just before Christmas, I photographed a wedding at The Engineers' Club Of Dayton on Monument Avenue.  Engineers Club wedding photos are some of the most unique in all of Dayton and Cincinnati.

As an experienced and popular wedding photographer in Dayton, I couldn’t believe this was my first wedding reception in this historic building.  Although I had a great time, I will say this venue is very unique.  If you want your entire wedding party and all guests to be in the same room at the same time, this venue is not for you!

Each room has a similar yet unique theme to it.  None of the rooms are big enough to hold hundreds of guests, so many people may be left out of certain wedding formalities they wish to see.  Everyone seemed happy and pleased at this wedding, but I am letting future brides know about the disjointed weddings that can occur there.

If you choose The Engineers' Club Of Dayton as your Dayton wedding reception venue, be sure you have a small number of guests at your wedding.  It’ll be great for you!