Eight Hour Wedding Timeline Idea Dayton Ohio Sample

Timeline For An 8-Hour Wedding

The best advice I can give to brides and grooms to ensure a successful wedding day is to have and stick to a wedding day schedule.  Although I do not dictate every step of your day, I do provide a suggested timeline to ensure the most efficient and pleasing flow.  The steps below act as a guide for you to get the most out of your wedding photographer and your wedding day too!

As one of the only Cincinnati and Dayton wedding photographers whose packages start at under $2500, I am able to offer a high level of creative wedding images that fit the budget of most brides and grooms.  My 8-hour and 12-hour wedding photography packages fulfill the needs of most brides and grooms and ensure plenty of time to capture amazing wedding images.

The timeline below is for a wedding day where the bride and groom do a first look and the ceremony is at 5 pm.  This is only a guide and can be customized to fit your day.  Please note the more time you give the photographer for bridal portraits, family photos, and bridal party photos, the better images you will receive.

Sample Timeline For An 8-Hour Wedding / 8 Hour Wedding

1:00 pm - Getting Ready Photographs
2:30 pm - Bride And Groom First Look
2:45 pm - Bride And Groom Portrait Session
3:45 pm - Family Portraits And Bridal Party Portraits
4:30 pm - Bridal Party Freshens Up While Guests Arrive
5:00 pm - Wedding Ceremony
5:30 pm - Receiving Line or Dismissal
6:30 pm - Grand Entrance
2.5 Hours Remaining For Reception Photographs

Eight Hour Wedding Timeline Idea Dayton Ohio Sample