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Wedding Pics In Eden Park

For the first time as a Cincinnati wedding photographer, I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding at Eden Park near Mt. Adams, Cincinnati, Ohio.  The wedding was short and sweet near the historic fountain and lawn.  This was the second wedding of my Cincinnati photography career that heavily featured a cicada outbreak.  As the ceremony and formal photographs were going on, there were hundreds of cicadas flying from trees to grass and grass to trees.  The event turned out great and made for a fun story.

Choosing a Cincinnati Parks wedding or Eden park wedding will guarantee a beautiful backdrop for your dream wedding photos.  There are so many trees, a gazebo, a fountain, and more than make Eden Park the perfect outdoor wedding location.

Eden Park, one of the great Cincinnati Parks makes for a fabulous place to have your dream Cincinnati Parks wedding. My budget-friendly prices make an Eden Park wedding a reality.

Testimonial Review Update After The Wedding: "We had an intimate wedding in Eden Park in Cincinnati, OH. Kevin did a absolutely wonderful job catching all the moments you are going to want to remember. Your wedding day seems like a blur after it is all over, but being able to go through the over 1000+ photos Kevin took, brought back all the memories. He did a beautiful job catching all the candid moments, which turned out to be some of our favorite pictures. He got a huge amount of photos in a smaller time frame, he is very quick on pose/location ideas. Kevin is a very talented photographer, and I highly recommend him for any wedding. Just look at his website and you'll be amazed! We could not be happier with both our engagement AND wedding photos!!!" - Melanie Y.