Dayton Wedding Photographer FAQ Part 1

Ask Your Wedding Photographer These Questions

Do you have a particular photography style?

  • Yes! I specialize in the lifestyle wedding photography style. (paraphrased) defines it as "mostly candid, some direction, and tons of style." Candid photos are the most sincere, and I work really hard to capture the most creative candid images that I can. To accomplish this, I combine the hands-off aspects of photojournalism with the hands-on aspects of traditional wedding photography. I may give simple directions to you to create the most aesthetically pleasing images while maintaining the genuine emotion of the moment. Traditional posed family and bridal party portraits are something that nearly all brides and grooms wish to do, and I always try to make these enjoyable and unique. No matter what your wedding day throws at me, I can create high-quality, stunning, and creative wedding photography for you!

Do you have a fun personality?

  • Yes! Although I am a professional photographer, I do enjoy keeping the day light and fun. I often ease the bride's stress by telling funny stories from weddings past or suggesting fun images to try on her big day. You will be very happy that I am professional yet fun. I try to keep the day interesting and humorous for you while getting all of the wedding images you and I want.

Will you be photographing my wedding?

  • Yes! Every bride and groom get Kevin Lush's talent and expertise. Kevin Lush photographs every wedding. For people seeking two photographers, the best thing I can tell you is that I have a reputation for capturing every wedding day moment! I am consistently one of the best Dayton wedding photographers for this reason.

Do you limit the number of weddings in a year?

  • Yes! I only book a limited number of weddings per year. By limiting the number of wedding photography shoots each year, I remain fresh and energized and am able to give your wedding my full creative energy.

Do you photograph more than one wedding per day?

  • No! On wedding days, I do not take any other sessions. Your wedding day is solely devoted to you! I believe I stay fresh and energetic for your event by only booking your event on that day.

Are you a natural light photographer?

  • No! Natural light photographer is a synonym for photographers who don't use flash or studio lights. These photographers rely upon the sun to light their images. As you can imagine, it is quite difficult to photograph indoor and evening weddings with only sunlight. I use external lighting as needed to create the most pleasing and creative wedding images possible.

Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions Dayton