Dayton Ohio's Best Instagram Accounts And A Hashtag Featuring Dayton #LushIsDayton

Best Dayton Instagram Account

As a professional photographer in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio, I have been posting to Instagram for many years.  I decided a while ago to split my wedding content into one Instagram account, @KevinLushPhotography and my travel/Dayton/Cincinnati/artistic into another Instagram account, @KevinLushPhotography.  Separating these two types of images means that prospective brides and grooms can get directly to my wedding images while others seeking images of Dayton and beyond can skip my wedding images.

Every post on my non-wedding Instagram account known as "Kevin Lush Photography Art" that involves downtown Dayton, Ohio has the hashtag #LushIsDayton.  As of December 1, 2017, there are more than 700 images that feature Dayton, Ohio.  Check out my awesome Dayton, Ohio Instagram hashtag!

I hope you enjoy my photography in Dayton Ohio as much as I do.  Being one of a handful of professional photographers in Dayton Ohio who documents the city on a daily basis is truly a pleasure.

Kevin Lush Photography is a Dayton and Cincinnati wedding and engagement photographer who specializes in wedding and engagement photography.  In my free time, I am a well-known Dayton and Cincinnati concert photographer and also enjoy creating epic Dayton and Cincinnati photography. I am also for hire as a Dayton and Cincinnati commercial photographer.