Dayton Ohio Wedding Photography Tips

Tips For Great Wedding Photos

As a professional Dayton photographer, I decided a while ago to start a list of tips to give to potential brides with whom I meet.  As much as I would like to book clients on the spot, I would rather the bride/groom make the perfect wedding photography decision.  There are many choices and I hope these "choose the right photographer for me" tips help make the decision easier.  Many Dayton wedding photographers do not list the answer to these five questions on their website, but I do.  Make sure you pick the photographer of your dreams!

As the owner and photographer of Kevin Lush Photography, I want to let you know that I abide by all of these tips, all of the time.

  • Does your photographer have liability insurance?

  • Is your photographer licensed in the State of Ohio?

  • Does your photographer collect and pay legally required State of Ohio sales tax?

  • Is backup equipment brought to every wedding?

  • Are several on-site and off-site backups of images made and maintained?

Dayton Ohio Wedding Photography Tips