Urbana Ohio Wedding Photographer Springfield

This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Chaundra and Chris in Urbana, Ohio.  Having been a professional Dayton photographer since 2007, I had never photographed an Urbana wedding prior to this weekend.  I drive through Urbana several times per year and have thought it would make a great backdrop for wedding photos.  I was right!   The couple I photographed was such a laid back couple. The groom and groomsmen walked into the ceremony to "Bad to the Bone." The entire group was easy to work with and the wedding was great. Thank you, C&C for allowing this Dayton wedding photographer to shoot your Urbana wedding!

This great couple from the Dayton area had special wedding photo ideas they wanted me to capture.  Below you will see a posed photo with a bridesmaid passed out on the bar.  Unique wedding photography ideas energize me on wedding days!