Dayton Icon Photo Feature The Historic Dayton Arcade

Dayton Arcade Photos 2017

I have created a new Dayton photography blog series titled "Dayton Icon Photo," and this one features the Historic Dayton Arcade in downtown Dayton, Ohio.

In 2017 I had the opportunity to photograph the historic Dayton Arcade in Dayton, Ohio.  Below are my favorite images of this historic Dayton institution.  I hope you enjoy my photography in Dayton Ohio as much as I do.  Being one of a handful of professional photographers in Dayton Ohio who documents the city on a daily basis is truly a pleasure.

I am a professional Dayton and Cincinnati photographer who specializes in wedding and engagement photography.  In my free time, I am a well-known Dayton and Cincinnati concert photographer and aviation photographer, and I also enjoy photographing Dayton and Cincinnati buildings. I am also for hire as a Dayton and Cincinnati commercial photographer.