Dayton Art Institute Wedding Photos Using Unique Photography Poses In Southwest Ohio

Dayton Art Institute Ideas For Wedding Photos

During a recent wedding at Dayton Art Institute, I shot these four images.  As an experienced and popular Dayton wedding photographer and a sought-after Cincinnati wedding photographer, I have never created these images before, and I really enjoy the way they turned out.  The ice sculpture image was the idea of the maid of honor.  The next two images were my idea and turned out great.  The fourth image, the black and white, was taken just a few minutes before the ceremony.  Thanks, everyone for the funny looks!  Being a top 10 Dayton photographer and top 10 Cincinnati photographer doesn’t mean I’ve done everything.  I can check these four shots of my to-do list!

Ice sculpture photography can be tricky. There are may edges that can throw shadows and reflections of flash.  We waited until the end of the night to shoot this art museum photograph.  It allowed the ice to have less of a shine to it.  One thing I love about this image is that the ice sculpture shaped like a heart has the bride and grooms initials embedded within.  What a great touch and a great day for this professional photographer in Ohio!