Dayton Arcade Revitalization Renovation Progress Photo Update March 2019 Part 4

Bringing The Historic Dayton Arcade Back To Life

The historic Dayton Arcade is a 9 building complex that is bordered by Main Street to the East, Ludlow Street to the west, Third Street to the north, and Fourth Street to the south. Rehabilitation and revitalization are being carried out by Cross Street Partners, McCormack Baron Salazar, Model Group, City of Dayton, and Montgomery County, Ohio. The goal is to reopen the Dayton Arcade as a mixed-use property including housing, collaboration space, retail, and restaurants.

My goal as a Dayton photographer is to be the definitive source for Dayton Arcade photos. I photographed the Arcade prior to construction starting, and as construction progresses, I’ll be posting progress photos that I will be shooting with permission.

The photos in the gallery below (past the links) are from a legal March 2019 entry into this historic Dayton property. These images were shot with permission.

I hope you enjoy my photography in Dayton Ohio as much as I do.  Being one of a handful of professional photographers in Dayton Ohio who documents the city on a daily basis is truly a pleasure.

I am a professional photographer based in Dayton, Ohio.  Wedding photography and engagement photography are my specialties.  In addition to photographing concerts for fun, I love being an aviation photographer and commercial photographer in Dayton.