Chaotic And Collected - A Business By One Of Most Creative Dayton Brides

Supporting A Good Local Business

As a professional photographer in Dayton, I have been offering beautiful wedding photography in and around Dayton since 2007.  Of all the 150+ brides so far, I want to highlight Jess (and her husband Chad).  She is one of the most creative and talented brides that I've worked with, and their wedding at Birch House at Glen Helen was really spectacular.

"Chaotic & Collected is an online shop featuring cute handmade garlands and other pretty paper party decor." -  If you are looking for party decorations, baby room decor or things for other celebrations, check out Chaotic & Collected.  Jess and Chad are very friendly, and their website reflects their creativity.

As an aside, a Birch House wedding at Glen Helen in Yellow Springs, Ohio provides a unique and historic wedding day to every bride.  The country setting and historic home make this a fantastic location for a country themed wedding, shabby-chic wedding, vintage wedding, and more.  If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-path Dayton wedding venue, Birch House may be for you!  In general, Yellow Springs photography can be highly unique and provides very eclectic backdrops.

Thank you, Chad and Jess!