Canopy Creek Farm Wedding Dayton Ohio Photography

I've posted many times about my love of Canopy Creek Farm as a Dayton wedding venue.  I have also posted many times about my love for The Willow Tree in Tipp City, Ohio as another barn wedding venue in Dayton that I love.  Canopy Creek Farm weddings provide a modern barn wedding experience while The Willow Tree provides a vintage barn wedding experience.

Canopy Creek Farm weddings can range from shabby-chic to over the top class.  It is up to you, the bride and groom, to make this wedding venue come alive with your own ideas and vision.  The giant barn, ample parking, large pond, sweeping vistas, and quaint wedding ceremony area near the creek make this a must-do wedding photography venue in Dayton for all Dayton wedding photographers.

I again highly recommend Canopy Creek Farm weddings and receptions!  This Dayton photographer loves this Dayton wedding and reception venue!