Canal Public House Concert Photographs With Old Shoe And More

Professional Concert Photography

Last night at Canal Public House in Dayton, Ohio, I photographed three musical groups that were performing live music in Dayton.  Old Shoe (headliner), Great Northern String Band (middle) and 9th Street Stompers (opener) played fantastic live music at a great small concert venue in Montgomery County, Ohio.  Thanks to Canal Public House for allowing me to shoot there.  Canal Public House used to be known as Canal Street Tavern and is located on First Street in Dayton, Ohio.

I am a professional Dayton and Cincinnati photographer who specializes in wedding and engagement photography.  In my free time, I am a well-known Dayton and Cincinnati concert photographer and aviation photographer, and I also enjoy photographing Dayton and Cincinnati buildings. I am also for hire as a Dayton and Cincinnati commercial photographer.