Best Wedding Photographers Cincinnati Ohio

Have you ever looked at how many Cincinnati photographers are listed on Google?  There are hundreds.  How do you know when someone is one of the best wedding photographers Cincinnati Ohio?  I'll tell you because Kevin Lush Photography is one of the most affordable and best Cincinnati photographers working today!

Kevin Lush Photography, a Cincinnati photographer, is:

  • Creative

  • Professional

  • Innovative (photo ideas)

  • Polite

  • Helpful

  • Reasonably priced

  • Efficient

  • Reliable

  • Safe (backup images as I take them and once I get home)

  • Early (I refuse to be late for engagements, weddings, meetings, etc.)

  • Insured

  • Licensed

Where else can you find all these awesome wedding photographer features in one place starting at $1900 for up to 8 hours?

Choose Kevin Lush Photography to photograph your unique Cincinnati wedding or Ohio wedding!

Best Wedding Photographers Cincinnati Ohio