​Benefits Of Doing A First Look At A Cincinnati Wedding Or Dayton Wedding

Why You Should Do A First Look Before Your Wedding

The first time a groom sees his bride, a bride sees her groom, a bride sees her bride or a groom sees his groom is a magical and special moment.  For a Dayton wedding photographer, this can be one of the most emotional images you capture during the wedding day.  Traditionally, a bride and groom would not see each other until the bride is walking down the aisle during the ceremony.  Many couples are now deciding to take a few moments out of their wedding day to do an intimate first look while the photographer capturing every moment.

Kevin Lush Photography, Dayton photographer, would be honored to photograph your wedding day and first look!

The benefits of doing a first look on your wedding day are numerous for the bride, groom, and photographer.  A first look prior to the ceremony offers the opportunity to maximize the time the groom and bride are together on their wedding day.  Doing Dayton wedding first look photos means that the bride and groom see each other ahead of the ceremony and can create a fun, unique first look idea.

Benefits Of Doing A First Look At Your Cincinnati Or Dayton Wedding

  • Bride and groom are always more relaxed because the stress of seeing each other has lifted
  • Bride and groom can spend more time together on their wedding day
  • Photographer can create a special, one-of-a-kind first look photo / one of a kind first look photo to cherish forever
  • All Dayton and Cincinnati wedding photos can be completed prior to the ceremony thus getting everyone to the reception when the guests are also arriving
  • Photographer can complete all wedding photos ahead of the ceremony which can allow additional locations for fun, unique and candid photos prior to the reception

As a wedding photographer in Dayton and Cincinnati, I highly recommend doing a first look on your wedding day.  It has been my experience over 150 weddings that the couples who do first looks are more relaxed enable me to create more beautiful and natural wedding photos.  As always, it is your choice which way you wish to see each other for the first time.

Choose one of the top wedding photographers in Cincinnati to photograph your Cincinnati wedding whether you are doing a traditional first look or an early first look.