Americana Amusement Park Photos 2018 LeSourdesville Lake Monroe Ohio Part 2

Abandoned Amusement Park Ohio

On a hot sunny day in May 2018, I (along with 20 other people) was granted legal access to photograph what remains of the former Americana Amusement Park / LeSourdesville Lake in Monroe, Ohio.  The property is soon to become Monroe Bicentennial Commons, and it will be beautiful!  There are many buildings that remain on this river-side property, and they were great to photograph.   The City of Monroe plans to tear down some buildings, leave others, reuse benches, walkways, trash cans, picnic tables, and more as part of their plans for future greenspace for the community.  I want to thank the City of Monroe for this opportunity.  I have waited patiently for many years to get this opportunity.  It was more exciting than I could have imagined!

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