Alms Park Cincinnati Wedding Photos And Alms Park Wedding

Wedding Pics At Alms Park

Photographing an Alms Park Cincinnati wedding is an absolute joy.  Last year I had an amazing bride and groom who hired me to photograph their Alms Park wedding and it didn't disappoint.  They had their choice of hundreds of Cincinnati wedding photographers, and I was honored they chose me.  The day started in a giant hotel suite in the Rookwood, Cincinnati area.  As we were preparing to leave the hotel, the rain began to pour. 

Upon arriving at Alms Park, the bride stayed in her car for about an hour, trying to wait out the rain.  Once the rain dissipated and the wedding venue changed to the top of the stone building, the ceremony commenced and the wedding was great.  The original venue, shown below, has great views of the sunset and the Ohio River.  It was too wet, so the ceremony moved.  It turned out to be perfect for everyone.  After the ceremony and formal Alms Park wedding photos, the bride, groom and bridal party posed for outdoor photos in front of one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.  This was the most beautiful Cincinnati parks wedding I've ever photographed.

I was so happy to be a Cincinnati wedding photographer and to be able to photograph this Alms Park Cincinnati wedding.  Check out the Alms Park wedding photos below.   I am a great wedding photographer Cincinnati Ohio, so hire me to photograph your 2018 or 2019 wedding!

If you choose Alms Park for your Cincinnati wedding, please know that if it rains, you can still have an amazing wedding and you can get amazing Alms Park wedding photos from Kevin Lush Photography.  A Cincinnati Parks wedding is guaranteed to be beautiful.