Country Club Of The North Wedding And Reception Venue Photos Beavercreek Ohio

Great Golf Course Wedding And Reception Venue In Dayton

On a snowy March Saturday in 2019 I photographed a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception at Country Club Of The North in Beavercreek, Ohio. The bride was someone I have known since she was little as I was her family’s paper boy for 8 years. I hadn’t seen her since 1994, and we had a good time talking about growing up in the same neighborhood. Country Club Of The North is a gorgeous wedding reception location with a really long, open banquet area on the back side of the building. The staff was accommodating, and the brunch buffet was amazing. This was my second wedding at CCOTN but the first I’ve photographed there since probably 2010. It is incredibly nice and perfect for weddings and parties.

I am a Dayton wedding photographer who also photographs weddings in Cincinnati and beyond.

Dayton Arcade Revitalization Renovation Progress Photo Update March 2019 Part 1

Bringing The Historic Dayton Arcade Back To Life

The historic Dayton Arcade is a 9 building complex that is bordered by Main Street to the East, Ludlow Street to the west, Third Street to the north, and Fourth Street to the south. Rehabilitation and revitalization are being carried out by Cross Street Partners, McCormack Baron Salazar, Model Group, City of Dayton, and Montgomery County, Ohio. The goal is to reopen the Dayton Arcade as a mixed-use property including housing, collaboration space, retail, and restaurants.

My goal as a Dayton photographer is to be the definitive source for Dayton Arcade photos. I photographed the Arcade prior to construction starting, and as construction progresses, I’ll be posting progress photos that I will be shooting with permission.

The photos in the gallery below (past the links) are from a legal March 2019 entry into this historic Dayton property. These images were shot with permission.

I hope you enjoy my photography in Dayton Ohio as much as I do.  Being one of a handful of professional photographers in Dayton Ohio who documents the city on a daily basis is truly a pleasure.

Kevin Lush Photography is a Dayton and Cincinnati wedding and engagement photographer who specializes in wedding and engagement photography.  In my free time, I am a well-known Dayton and Cincinnati concert photographer and also enjoy creating epic Dayton and Cincinnati photography. I am also for hire as a Dayton and Cincinnati commercial photographer.

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Do I Need 2 Photographers At My Dayton Wedding

Two Photographers Is Not Necessary

Communication is key for me when it comes to 2 photographers versus 1 photographer.  Many brides believe that having two photographers at their Dayton wedding or Cincinnati wedding is very important.  Choosing two instead of 1 is, of course, the bride's decision.  Before dismissing the possibility of hiring a single photographer,  be sure to discuss with the photographer how he/she is able to capture all the details of your wedding day.

Kevin Lush Photography provides budget-friendly Dayton wedding photography and is a solo photographer.  Having photographed more than 150 weddings since 2007, Kevin Lush has gotten the shot every time.  There has never been a need to have a second wedding photographer at any event, small or large.

I'd love to discuss with you the needs you have for your wedding day and how I can meet those needs.  I am happy to provide full wedding galleries to ease your concerns about having only one photographer.  You will see that every shot has been captured at every Dayton wedding and Cincinnati wedding.

Please contact Kevin Lush Photography even if you think you want 2 wedding photographers.  I will explain to you why I can capture every aspect of your special day.

Do I Need 2 Photographers At My Dayton Wedding Or Cincinnati Wedding